From the author of The Sandy Knoll Murder, a sequel


In the spring of 1924, the bodies of three men were found just off shore of the main boat launch at Lava Lake. Then, as now, the site is a recreational hot spot of the Cascade Lakes region and nearby Bend, Oregon. The trap-pers had disappeared from a cabin at Little Lava Lake, isolated by several feet of wintertime snow.

This is the true story of the Lava Lakes triple murder, long believed to have been the work of two men, and the search for the previously uni-dentified partner of the only known suspect in the case.

A chain of similar, unsolved killings points to one man as that partner, for the case contained several inescapable facts: there was, indeed, a relation-ship between the two criminals; the bodies had been shoved through a hole in the ice of Lava Lake; one of the men had been bludgeoned, and there was a peculiar half dollar-size hole in the right side of his head. Each of these facts are suggestive, but when taken together, they are almost conclusive.

The main boat launch area at Lava Lake as it appears today.

The same spot in the spring of 1924. This photo was taken as the bodies of the three victims were being removed from the water and examined by the Deschutes county coroner.

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